Serving the plastic extrusion industry for over 25 years!

We buy and sell all sorts of plastic processing equipment for industry. Extruders – both twin and single screw, pelletizers -strand, underwater, water ring, mixers, granulators, blenders, cutters, pullers, classifiers, water baths, vacuum tanks, feeders, basically all sorts of plastic process equipment.

We provide parts for plastic machinery. Twin screw extruders Coperion, Werner & Pfleiderer, Leistritz, Berstorff etc. barrels, screws, screw shafts.

We provide parts for pelletizers, strand, underwater and water ring. Cumberland, Conair, Gala, Beringer etc. Dies, blades, feed rolls, rotors, bedknives, etc. If you have an obscure machine or part need we can probably fill it.

We can handle one machine to plant liquidations. We can broker your business. Please let us know what you’d like to buy or sell!

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David Toppin