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American Kuhne / Beringer 3.5" 36:1 150HP Vented Pelletizing Line AMERICAN Kunhe 3.5 36:1 LD 150 DC vented. Was running pp at 1000pph. Water cooled. Dynisco Screen changer. Beringer WRP 12v pe...
65MM Artec Pelletizing system, used to reprocess foam at approx 200# per hour. Was running DuPont Ionomer foam. Pelletizer
4 Zone electric heat, 2 HP.
Extruder, Model TM600-30, Vented, 30:1 L/D Ratio, 450 hp Reliance RPM AC Motor,(508amp) Powerflex 755 AC Drive, Direct Drive To 17.55:1 Gearbox Ratio, Lufkin Gearbox, Model D315-911CGS, Water Coole...
R&B Plastic Machinery 2.25" Extruder R&B Plastic Machinery 2.25" Extruder, 30:1 LD. 40HP, air cooled, missing a few temp controllers
Used 1.5" 30/1 Sterling extruder having a 4-zone electrically heated water cooled (closed loop) vented and plugged barrel at approximately a 42" centerline height. Gearbox has a ratio of 13.95:1 an...
Very small output, we were told around 1 pound per hour. See photos for details, no tag is present on the machine.
Used 1.25" Wayne 30:1 L/D vented (plugged) Extruder. Serial #9414-832, new 1982. Has electrically heated air cooled barrel. Driven by a 7.5 HP DC motor with SCR control, 230 volt AC input. Incl...
Welex 1.25" 24:1 LD Extruder air cooled non vented Welex 1.25 24:1 LD air cooled non vented, strand die 3 hole