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CARVER _UNKNOWN_ Presses Hydraulic | The Pelletizer Group


Presses Hydraulic
Stock #: 6926
Used - Good
Carver Press Carver press
CONAIR CS301 Driers-Dehumidifying | The Pelletizer Group
JADE 210 Printing | The Pelletizer Group

JADE 210

Stock #: 6904
JADE 641 Model 210 CI Press Used 1996 Jade 641 Model 210 6 color 82" CI press, gas drying, OH and BC drying, turret unwind and rewind for 40" diameter rolls, ran water based inks or alcohol, 84" w...
1998 Piovan THN6P Temperature Controllers | The Pelletizer Group
480 Volt Mold Temp Control
RELIABLE 6 x 13 Mills | The Pelletizer Group


Stock #: 6917
Used - Good
Reliable 6 x 13 Two Roll Mill Reliable Two Roll Mill. Chrome rolls, nice condition. Was running when removed from service, customer purchased a smaller machine.
SWECO FMD-7LR Vibratory Finisher | The Pelletizer Group
SWECO FMD-7LR Vibratory Finisher Model No.: Sweco FMD-7LR (Used) Serial No.: Capacity: 7 cubic feet Motor: 5HP, 1200 RPM Electric: 230/460V/3Ph/60Hz Diameter: 48 inches Channel Width: 12 inches Me...
Techne IFB-52 Industrial Fluidized Bath  Parts Cleaner | The Pelletizer Group
Techne Industrial Fluid Bath. Model IFB-52, 240V, sand bath Manufacturer product info here: http://www.techne-calibration.com/product.asp?dsl=465 https://www.coleparmer.com/i/techne-ifb-52-indus...
Thermal Care TC1W0000304 Temperature Controllers | The Pelletizer Group
460V 3 phase 10/3 HP
UNKNOWN Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger | The Pelletizer Group
Used heat exchangers, previously on water baths