Stock #: 7087

Machine was reconditioned at a cost of $36,000, project fell through, has run about 4 batches since recon. 350 HP 2 speed 895/1790 rpm 480 volt 3 phase, new bearings and seals. Motor drive panel ...

Stock #: 7086

New - Build-To-Order

50mm/500 rpm L/D8 self clean twin screw in M2, barrels with wear resistant liners, 4kW motor. Built to order. 12 weeks PLUS shipping time

Stock #: 7084

Used - Good

3HP Lab extruder with various dies pictured, 5 heat zones, digital controllers

Stock #: 7083

Conair 200 Series pelletizer (204, 206, 208, 212) Upper feed roll U-joint 1.25" splined (left to drive end) to 3/4" bored with key (right for feed roll end) OEM part number 200-353-D1. Price is e...

Stock #: 7082

Excellent Condition Rebuilt to specification by Crown in 2015 Barely used since Decommissioned for larger machine APPLICATION INFORMATION MATERIALS: Compounding High Temperature materials FEEDSTOCK...

Stock #: 7081

One used 8" Cumberland pelletizer helical rotor. Material is believed to be D2 and manufactured by Topsall Machine Tool. 36 blades in good condition. OD is 7.850

Stock #: 7080

Upper feed roll frame for Cumberland 14 pelletizer built up to 1975, serial numbers starting with 54XXX, includes lower feed roll and bedknife holder and stripper

Stock #: 7078

Used open and closed barrels for a WP ZSK30 and possibly ZDSK30 twin screw extruder. Price is each. Also have some vent plugs and elements

Stock #: 7077

New - In-Stock

I have a pile of new and used 30MM elements. Not all are pictured. I also have a strand die and some used barrels. Please inquire with your needs. We also provide new elements and barrels for mo...

Stock #: 7073

New - In-Stock

Conair Model 208 pelletizer hypalon upper feed roll, hypalon rubber covered 14.995 long, shafts keyed both ends.

Stock #: 7072

New - Build-To-Order

Approximate 12 week delivery. Pricing dependent on size and adapters needed

Stock #: 7071

New - Build-To-Order


Stock #: 7069

New - Build-To-Order

Conair Model 106 pelletizer knurled lower feed roll 17-4PH SS. 12.885" long x 1.875 diameter. 4 week delivery

Stock #: 7068

Used - Fair

48 knife stellite rotor. Two machines available, one is together, one needs some assembly. Two 17” Cumberland Pelletizers 7-Upper feed rollers 5 of them new rubber 2-extra sharp rotors 48 teet...


Stock #: 7067

Used - Needs Work

Helical Rotor, needs work, see pictures


Stock #: 7066

Used - Fair

Diamond American 4/12" extruder vented 30 to 1 L/D ratio barrel ( barrel and screw reported to be in good condition ) With Berlyn screen changer 300 hp rebuilt DC motor with Reliance controller Wat...

Stock #: 7065

• 200 HP (motor was purchased rebuilt 1 year ago). • New VFD Drive (purchased new 1 year ago). • 30:1 L/D • Vented Barrel and Screw • !3:95.1 Gear Ratio • 125 Max RPM • Beri...

Stock #: 7064

50 HP Reliance DC motor, Vented, CoRotating, 5 hole swing away strand die. 8 barrel zones, 2 die zones. Electrically heated, water cooled. 500 RPM Gearbox was rebuilt in 2001. Was running variou...

Stock #: 7062

New - Build-To-Order

Conair Model 108 pelletizer knurled lower feed roller 17-4PH SS. We can provide serrated also, generally 4 week delivery. We can also provide upper and lower feed rolls for 106, 108, 112, 206, 20...

Stock #: 7061

New Beringer WRP12V blade holder, stainless steel with blade retainer and screws. Dynisco and Nordson have also made these these machines

Stock #: 7060

Reiter Primo 100 solid carbide bedknife, 100 mm

Stock #: 7059

Used water box for Gala Model 7 (I think) water box. I guess it is possibly from a Model 8. Can provide measurements.

Stock #: 7058

New - Build-To-Order

Accrapak 8" lower feed roll, knurled 440C Stainless Steel, heat treated

Stock #: 7056

Used - Excellent

Twin Screw side feeder built for 90 MM Werner & Pfleiderer twin screw extruder. Unit has been used once, the project it was purchased for fell through. Brabender DDW-MS6 Flex Wall Feeder availabl...

Stock #: 7055

New - In-Stock

Includes hydraulics, new, never used.

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