Stock #: 7114

Used - Fair

Cumberland Model 6 pelletizer, pneumatically actuated rubber upper feed roll, serrated lower feed roll. 480/3/60. 15 HP AC Motor and Drive. We will include a set of sharp rotor blades.


Stock #: 7112

Presently running, 15HP 460V AC drive. Digital temp controls. Vented with strand die.

Stock #: 7111

Gala Model 6 Pelletizer includes control panel, 8.2 BF spin drier, SLC-6 Pelletizer and 60 GPS Tempered water system, this is a complete system with piping, a few spare dies (some need refacing), ...

Stock #: 7110

Welex 2.5" 30:1 extruder. 430V 3PH 60hz. 7 hole strand die. Digital temp controllers, water cooled (some of the zones are clogged, was running as air cooled) Max RPM 180. Was running when remove...

Stock #: 7109

Used - Fair

One used Gala pelletizing system. Includes Model (SLC?)6 pelletizer, TWS 80 water system and 2008/BF spin drier . Missing water box, piping, die and control panel.

Stock #: 7108

14" 54000 series Cumberland Pelletizer. Needs a new motor and drive which makes it a perfect candidate for a modern AC motor and drive upgrade! 24 knife bolt on style rotor. Converted to pneumat...

Stock #: 7107

Used - Good

Gala 120 GPM water system, 5.2 BF spin drier and control panel which appear to be in excellent condition. May possibly be separated.

Stock #: 7106

Used - Good

Extruder: Brand: Lantai with Zambello (Italian and very reliable) gearbox Year of manufacture: 2011 Motor: 315 kW DC L/D: 32 Screw diameter: 72,3 mm Screw speed: 600 rpm Pelletizer: Bran...

Stock #: 7105

Material is either D2 or 440C for the entire blade. More wear resistant than stellite

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